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Mission & Values

Eating Well Ottawa provides access to fresh, organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, as well as natural products. We promote healthy living that respects the environment.
Quality: We believe if you eat well, you live longer. We are very selective with the quality of the produce we send out in our boxes. When we say organic, it’s certified organic. When we state NO GMO, we mean it. Sustainability: 'Local, Regional, Canada First' is our commitment. We support local farms, businesses and fair-trade practices. When you purchase local food, you are involved in a movement that contributes to the local economy, improves food security and reduces your environmental impact. When the Ontario farmer supply dwindles we source from ethical growers in other countries. Service: Excellent customer service is one of our key values. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will provide efficient personalized service in an effort to develop long-term relationships with our customers. Our aim is to earn your trust by
  • being attentive, friendly, and polite at all times in your choice of English or French
  • listening to your questions and concerns and responding clearly and politely
  • being honest about what we can deliver
  • requesting your feedback to help us improve our performance